Ashleigh Toulson, M.Ed.

Program Supervisor & Feeding Therapist

Ashleigh was introduced to the field of applied behaviour analysis in 2007 when she joined a research team at the University of British Columbia focused on behavioural assessment and interventions with families with children diagnosed on the autism spectrum and or other developmental disabilities.  She has been working with individuals with ASD/related challenges and their families since that time. Ashleigh went on to further her education in this field and earned her master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in autism and developmental disabilities from UBC. She has since completed the required course work and practicum hours to become certified as a Behaviour Analyst.

Over the last two years, under the supervision of Heather Wilson and Dr. Lauren Binnendyk, she has had continual success specializing in changing challenging problem behaviours as well as working with children with severe feeding issues. Ashleigh’s collaborative approach strengthens positive outcomes and ensures maintainable long term change to the lives of her clients and their families.

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