Brianna Dellezay, M.Sc. BCBA

Brianna has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, in Psychology, and received her Masters of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis & Autism through The Sage Colleges, in Albany, New York. She is also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Brianna resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and has been working with individuals with ASD/related challenges and their families since 2010. Brianna has received extensive training with The Lovaas Institute, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since 2014, where she has currently holds her clinical supervisor competencies.

Living in Saskatchewan, Brianna has had the ability to be involved in multiple settings to help treat and provide services to families. Brianna has experience working and consulting in schools as well experience implementing and supervising intensive home-based programs. Brianna is the founding president of Saskatchewan Association for Behaviour Analysts (SK-ABA) and strives to educate families on effective evidence-based treatments, unite professionals, as well as push for licensing regulations regarding who qualifies to provide ABA services.

Brianna joined West Coast Behaviour and Feeding Specialists Inc. in 2014 to treat children in Saskatchewan. In her role as a feeding therapist, Brianna has had success working with variety of children locally and remotely under the supervisor of Lauren and her team. During her time working with West Coast Behaviour and Feeding Specialists Inc., Brianna has expanded children’s diets, taught self-feeding, increased portions, addressed problem behaviour and food refusals as well as implemented parent training. Brianna and Lauren are currently accepting families to provide treatment for paediatric feeding disorders all over Saskatchewan.

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