“We hired Lauren to help get our 2 year old son off a g-tube. He had been tube fed since birth. Before Lauren’s program, he didn’t drink anything, and ate four Cheerios a day if we were lucky. Within a few weeks,  he was accepting spoonfuls of food. A few months after that, we no longer needed gastric tube feedings. I can honestly say this was one of the best things we did for our son. Lauren was very knowledgable and professional, and her plan was supported by research in the academic field. Her plan was also very practical, and when things needed changing, she quickly made the necessary adjustments. She was available for questions and gave us the support we needed to ensure success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren and her team of professionals.” Jim & Cindy

“Nathan is our son who has autistic spectrum disorder.  At the age of 7.5 years, he had a severely restricted diet of specific baby food jars, baby cereal, yogurt, and applesauce.  Although Nathan had various therapies since he was three years old, and had made progress in behaviour, communication and toileting, he was very resistant to any changes to his eating.  Lauren was recommended to us by Nathan’s behavioural consultant, but we were initially unsure about what could be done that has not been attempted before.  Lauren and Christine, the feeding interventionist, did an assessment and developed a plan.  After two months of therapy, Lauren and Christine managed the incredible; Nathan happily chewed and swallowed a Cheerio.  Nathan’s improvement over the next three months was absolutely astounding, as he could now eat over twenty different real foods from all food groups.  Not only are they effective feeding therapists, Lauren and Christine have also been spot on establishing communication with us with timely updates and reviews.  Lauren and Christine have simply been wonderful to work with and we highly recommend them !  This has been Nathan’s best success story yet because of them. Thank you, ladies ! ”  Flora and Leo Wong 

“From the age of 6 months, our son Leighton always struggled with the introduction of solid foods and by 11months his growth curve had plummeted from the 50th percentile down to the 3rd percentile. After endless physical tests and procedures our occupational therapist suggested we contact Lauren for help. At first we were sceptical but willing to try anything. Within the first few days we started seeing an improvement in Leighton’s willingness to accept food and although it was slow going, Lauren and Heather were able to not only increase his caloric intake but also introduce new foods to his diet. Using their behavioural approach, Lauren and Heather trained us to successfully use techniques that now allow us to introduce new foods while maintaining previously learned foods. Leighton is now 2 years of age and he is tracking roughly along the 70th percentile on his growth chart. It is still a slow and steady process but we are definitely heading in the right direction and Leighton looks forward to seeing both Lauren and Heather when they come for a visit.  They are extremely professional, friendly, approachable and understood our expectations as parents. We would happily recommend Lauren and Heather to anyone who might be struggling with similar feeding challenges”  Rich and Heike

“Our Son was born premature at 26 weeks and he was later diagnosed with Autism.   He was unable to eat due to aspirations into his lungs but as he grew the problem corrected itself and at about 10 months was allowed to eat.   He was put on the G Tube and received all his nutritional needs through the tube.  He had developed an oral aversion which made it very difficult to do anything around his face and mouth especially eating.   For 4 years we had tried just about everything out there when we were referred to Lauren at West Coast Feeding and Behavior Specialists by the complex feeding team at BC Children’s Hospital.

We contacted Lauren to help us get our 5 year old son to begin to eat and hopefully begin the journey to get him off his G Tube.  We had a very unique experience being that we live in Northern British Columbia and there are no services like this where we live.  We contacted and met with Lauren and worked out an Intensive Therapy Program over a one week period where we travelled to Vancouver to start our journey.

In a one week period Hayden went from not eating anything to accepting and eating purees.  The change in one week was absolutely amazing.  I can’t really put into words the feeling a parent has seeing their child take their first bite of food and swallow it.  That week completely changed our lives and we see a brighter future for our son.  The team made sure we had all the training to take what Hayden had learned and apply it when we returned home.

Our first week was so successful that we decided to come back for another session of Intensive Therapy focused on chewing.  We did this over a 2 week period and again the results were impressive.  Seeing our son take a mum mum chew it and swallow it was one of the most emotional and proud moments we have had as parents.  A milestone we thought we might never reach.

We continue to communicate with the team on a regular basis – Technology is such a wonderful thing!  Anytime we have a problem or question they are available to listen and help.  I am excited to continue working with them and see what new challenges we can conquer.  We look forward to celebrating the day when our Son comes off his G Tube!

Lauren, Christine and Heather are so wonderful and easy to work with.  We would highly recommend them to anyone.  If you are thinking about getting started don’t wait.  It will change your life; it has changed ours!” Daleste, Blair and Hayden

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